Election winners & losers: how to be both

Posted by Adrian Merrick on 21/05/2019 10:56:30 AM

Like the advice given to many teenagers in the world, if there’s one thing that the Federal Election teaches us it’s that jumping to conclusions may make you look like an idiot.

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Why doesn’t iSelect list all energy retailers?

Posted by Adrian Merrick on 27/04/2019 12:01:00 PM

iSelect markets itself as an independent price comparison site. Last financial year, iSelect spent over $53 million marketing energy and selling it to customers. Should we therefore trust its scale to guide us to a better offer?

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Is your discount choice costing you more?

Posted by Adrian Merrick on 22/04/2019 5:09:21 PM

We all love a bargain, and especially on dull expenses such as energy bills.

Energy companies know this, which is why Pay on Time Discounts became so popular in recent years. 

But how did this come about? Well, the Victorian energy regulator — the ESC — took a decision some time ago to ban late payment fees. That probably felt like a good idea at the time but energy companies simply turned them on their heads and charged everyone more, and then gave some of it back for payment on time. 

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We Insure you, energy comparison sites are just as bad

Posted by Adrian Merrick on 05/03/2019 9:40:29 AM

Yeah we admit it, electricity isn’t the sexiest product. We know nobody goes to bed at night dreaming about that new electricity deal they’re going to buy tomorrow, and we understand why no one is spending hour upon hour carefully researching the trade-offs of each electricity plan like you might when buying a new car or deciding where to go on holiday.

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Topics: how to choose energy provider

A how-to guide on choosing an energy retailer

Posted by Adrian Merrick on 02/01/2019 10:25:04 AM

Choosing an energy retailer can feel a bit like a lucky dip. Stick your hand in, swirl it all about a bit and then hope for the best as you randomly grab one of the packages on offer.

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