Election winners & losers: how to be both

Posted by Adrian Merrick on 21/05/2019 10:56:30 AM
Adrian Merrick
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Like the advice given to many teenagers in the world, if there’s one thing that the Federal Election teaches us it’s that jumping to conclusions may make you look like an idiot.

Various people thought the election was nicely sewn up. Sportsbet went so far as to pay out to Labor-backing punters in advance of the election taking place.

In the Federal Labor camp, the post-mortems will already be well underway. In the Coalition camp, the hangovers are probably only just starting to recede.

This was an election about climate change, or so we were told. It was apparently an election about the planet and our kids’ futures.

As usual, voters were left to work out the answer for themselves. And the collective answer we as a country gave appears to have been a vote for the short-term.

Some will say this means people don’t care about climate change. Some will say this means people only care about the short term impact on their wallet. Depending on your perspective, this may mean you feel the result makes you either a winner or a loser.

We reckon we can all be both.

Doing something positive doesn’t necessarily rely on the guidance offered by a universally approved federal energy policy.


Here are some real things that are going on despite whatever’s happening in politics:

  • Customers who install solar PV are commonly seeing a very short term return on their investment. Depending on system size, location and the amount of PV you use, you can get your initial investment back in as little as 2-3 years.
  • Solar PV doesn’t require an up-front investment. Nearly every installer will now give you a way to pay for your system over time, in fixed monthly amounts that are likely to be less than the amount you’ll save on your bill.
  • Solar feed-in tariffs offered by retailers - such as with our Solar Promise offer - are high and will improve your return on investment.
  • There are still huge incentives for rooftop solar PV installations. These are factored into the price by your solar installer (you’ll see them called “STCs” on the quote).
  • Virtual power plants are now a reality. In South Australia, we provide a service to Tesla and the SA Government, where customers get free solar PV and a Tesla Powerwall and pay a very low rate for their usage.
  • In multiple parts of Australia, we help customers who buy a battery from Sonnen to access the sonnenFlat tariff, meaning they pay a low, fixed amount each month (e.g. $50) for staying connected to the grid. As long as their usage is below a generous level and their solar PV production above an expected level, that’s all they’ll pay.
  • For all customers, we provide 100% carbon offsets with our power and include a small, fixed charge in our rates to cover our costs, meaning we don’t profit when you use more energy.

Regardless of who you voted for and your view on the result, there are positive actions we can all take today to win in the energy market while losing the big, unpredictable bills that come from doing nothing and waiting for someone else to take the decisions for you.

So, while the politicians in Canberra start the long process of seeing if they can agree on federal energy policy, let’s all get on with the great things we can already do that will achieve the outcomes that voters of all persuasions want: cheaper, cleaner, reliable power.

Posted by Adrian Merrick

Founder @ Energy Locals

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